Symbiosis National Aptitude(SNAP)

Symbiosis National Aptitude(SNAP)

Symbiosis National Aptitude (SNAP) Test is a common written test for the admission to all the Post graduate institutes of Symbiosis International University. Written test is mandatory for admission into any Post-Graduate programme offered by the constituent institute of Symbiosis International University. The entrance test will be held across the nation. More than one lac aspirants from across the nation will be vying with each other to secure a seat at the academic programmes of the prestigious Symbiosis International University affiliated institutes.

Affiliate Institutes:

  • Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune (SIBM – Pune)
  • Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB)
  • Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD)
  • Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS)
  • Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management (SITM)
  • Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (Under Graduate) SCMS(UG)
  • Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management (SIOM)
  • Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT)
  • Symbiosis Department of Health Sciences (SDHS)
  • Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru (SIBM- Bengaluru)

Symbiosis Postgraduate Programmes:


Sr. No Degrees Specializations Institutes
01 MBA Dual Specializations System and Finance SITM
02 MBA Dual specializations in Marketing and Finance SITM
03 MBA Agribusiness SIIB
04 MSC Computer Application SICSR
05 MBA Finance SIBM
06 MSC Geoinformatics SIG
07 MBA Hospital & Health care SIHS
08 MBA Human Resource SCMHRD
09 MBA Information & Communication Techonology SIMS
10 MBA Information Systems and Security SCIT
11 MBA Information Technology SICSR
12 MBA International Business SIIB
13 MBA IT Business Management SCIT
14 MBA Marketing SIBM
15 MBA Marketing Communication SIBM
16 MBA Communication Management SIMC
17 MA Masters In Mass Communication SIMC
18 MBA Networks & IT Infrastructure SCIT
19 MBA Operations Management SIOM
20 MBA PM & Human Resource SIMS
21 MBA Retail Management and International business SIMS
22 MBA Software Development & Management SCIT
23 MBA Systems SIMS
24 MBA Telecom Management SITM



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