How to Crack TET

This requires two things. Writing speed with clear readable handwriting and also creative answering . If preparing for TET or other sort of exams which test your ability of judgement and reasoning, read essays from daily news papers, magazines and other publications. So the emphasis to practice before exams is very essential to enhance both these skills

This will help you answer more unanswered questions correctly as it gives time for understanding the questions and answers those which sound confusing to you before. And also some questions need calculations or images or structures to do in rough work to think and find the right answer.

But this rechecking has a disadvantage that you may make further mistakes than before and lose score !! bear it in mind.

Have Right Mindset......

Take inspiration, support, suggestions from elders and friends; This is very important to derive strength to complete the entire process to succeed competitive exams.

Suggestion from previous achievers can be very helpful. Have coaching sessions or attend some group studies or preparative exams to help you mould your vision and thought towards success.

Visualise your success, frequently and be optimistic, because everyone were like you before they had their success in competitive exams.

 Things you should not do:

Don't worry about the level of competition- because the competition orsave number of people appearing for the exam has nothing to do with the score you wish to achieve. The ladder of success is crowded at the bottom and not at the top.

Don't rely on too many ideas or suggestion you get from others. You try to figure out your own idea and sketch of how to prepare and succeed.

Don't bunk your regular classes or school in order to prepare for the competitive exam- because remember that a busy person can handle extra work but not the free person.

Competitive exams are important in education system but getting educated or studying is not aimed at just succeeding in competitive exams alone....

THANKS & ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR SUCCESS in competitive exams......!!

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