Are You a Strong Character

People's idea of a strong character vary. Physical size and strength have nothing to do with it. The frailest and most Delicate of men and women are numbered among the world's strongest characters.

Aggressiveness often denotes weakness, being a compensation for fear or inferiority. The domineering bossy type may really be trying to gratify a sense of self-importance.

Here is a test to enable you to assess your strength of character. Answer "Yes" or "No" to the question before turning to the answer at the end.

  1. Can you make up your own mind?
  2. Would you stick to your decision if it were unpopular?
  3. Assuming a job was long and hard, monotonous, or unpleasant, would you stick at it until it were until it were completed?
  4. Can you be patient (while another reconsiders, for example) and wait?
  5. Can you say "No" (to another drink or second helping of food, for example) and mean it?
  6. Do you believe that when you lose control of yourself you are letting yourself down?
  7. Can you carry on without becoming rattled or upset when someone in moody or dislikes you?
  8. Are you ready to own up to a mistake, admit you were wrong, apologise?
  9. Would you refuse to take advantage of someone inexperienced or in a weaker position?
  10. Do you feel you want to help anyone who is weak, less fortunate, inexperienced, on his/her own?
  11. Does it hurt you (more then being hurt yourself) to see someone you are fond of being hurt?
  12. Do you hate to think that you are not pulling your full weight?
  13. Do you like being independent and doing things for yourself rather than relying on others?
  14. At the same time, are people prone to rely on you?
  15. Is your word your bond as far as is humanly possible?
  16. Do you put other people's wishes and feelings (in matters of sexual satisfaction, for example) before your own personal desires?
  17. Do you like to see other people getting on?
  18. Are you perfectly happy to stand back and let somebody else have all the attention and praise?
  19. Can you be fair to people who are unfair to you?
  20. Are you good loser?

Count five marks for every "Yes". A score of 70 and over is good, 60 to 70 is satisfactory, 50 to 60 may be reckoned fair. Under 50 is poor.

The strong character knows his own mind and is prepared to stand by it. Although he knows his rights, he also recognizes his responsibilities and the rights of other people.

As a thoroughly grown-up generous-hearted person he feels that other people are important to him, A desire for their happiness and well-being makes him consider their feelings so as not hurt or injure them.

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