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Selecting a good career option is a difficult task and when it is the choosing of a career for life time it becomes more difficult than anything. But we can take a good decision if we try to analyze the basic features of a career. Let's discuss some important features of MBA as a career option.

Since past few years it has been seen that MBA is one of the top career options for countless students in India and abroad. It has become the first choice for them because any graduate from any educational background whether arts, science or commerce can do MBA degree. Building a MBA career is considered as the hottest career among all business professionals across the world.

Why people chose MBA degree ---

  1. A person who wants to set up his own business and wants the basic knowledge and tools to run a business or a person have to take over the running of an existing business is choosing MBA .
  2. The person who want to increase his income rapidly, want to increase his market value.
  3. As MBA is considered as one of the lucrative career professional course so the person who is simply a graduate believes that non- professional graduate courses don't have any marketable value these days , therefore he choose MBA as a career for make himself market worthy.

A person having MBA degree, equipped with good communication skills, leadership qualities, personality development and domain expertise usually heads a company. So MBA career speaks the development of confidence and self-esteem is a better career option available in the today's career options.

Management hierarchy:
Nowadays, most of the organizations follow an operational hierarchy in management. The following paragraphs describe the kind of work managers are expected to perform at each level

Junior management positions:
Most of the public and private sector firms recruit management trainees. They work as junior most executive and assist the other cadre. Management trainees undergo a rigorous probation during which they are introduced to the functioning of the organization. After the completion of the training they are assigned to junior level managerial positions.

Generally management trainees are graduates. They need not have work experience or any degree in management but selection is made generally on the basis of personal traits such as good communication skills and work habits. Some reputed firms prefer to train young executives in the management operations in their own organization as per their firm's requirements. Such firms select young promising graduates from reputed college campuses and induct them into their work force. Others, however, may prefer trained MBA's from business schools.

What the course is about?
General Management – For a broad business background the general management course is most suitable choice for aspirants. The main objective of the course is to develop leadership skills for being able to lead in an organization. The courses seek to increase critical thinking and analytical skills for understanding the real situation better.

Course content - Social and Political Environment of Business, Management and Career Development, Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Marketing Management, Leading Change in a Quality Organization, Human Resources Management, Power and influence, Management and Leadership, Competitive Strategy, International Management, Behavior Skills for Managers and Professionals, Operations Management, Materials Management Business Ethics.

Prospects with General Management - Smaller companies prefer the general MBA candidates because they have a broad skill background and are better in team work and communication skills. Larger companies prefer the specialist MBA's because it gives them depth in a specific area such as finance or marketing. Students whose goal is to work in an institution to oversee the entire operations need a general management degree. Some institutions are well know for imparting a valuable blend of subject and skill specific courses.

Smaller companies prefer the general MBA candidates because they have extensive skills and better in team work and communication. Larger and big companies prefer the specialized MBA candidates because it gives them depth in the particular area such as marketing, Human Resource, International Business or Finance. Students whose goal is to work for entire operations need a general management degree. Some institutions are famous and best for imparting a valuable blend of subjects and skills specific courses.

Other Specializations:
Operational areas for managers in any enterprise are marketing, sales, personnel, finance, accounting, Production, materials, exports, and market research. There are post graduate management courses in these areas offered by private institutions as well as Universities. Several sectors conduct specialized management courses like: Hospitality, Travel, Hotels, Hospitals, Retail, Fire Departments, Rural sector etc.

There is really no limit to what can be earned throughout an MBA career. Many jobs pay in excess of $100,000 and allow for opportunities to earn bonuses or additional income. If you are wondering about average earning for a specific type of MBA career, use this Salary Wizard.

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