Certified Business Economist

Course structure

Basic level                                                                                                                                            20 Credits


  1. Elements of business economics

Introduction to managerial economics – definition, overview, role of economic models, Opportunity cost, fixed and variable cost etc. ,Production, factor that influence the production possibilities curve, Demand and supply – markets and social welfare, supply and demand curve, market equilibrium, rent controls etc. price elasticity of demand, price elasticity of supply, Market equilibrium and efficiency i.e. economic surplus, price ceilings etc., Economic Profit , Profit imperfections i.e. monopoly and other forms of imperfect competition , Macro-economics: the bird's – eye view of the economy i.e. economic growth and living standards, productivity, unemployment, recessions and expansions, inflations etc., Federal reserves, Financial markets and money – the banking system, brand markets, stock markets and the allocation of savings, money – a special financial assets

  1. Executive Communication                                                         8 Credits

Introduction of Communication, Types of Communication, Barriers in Communication, Report & Letter Drafting etc.

  1. Quantitative Techniques and Methods                            8 Credits

Introduction to Quantitative Techniques, Central Tendency, Measure of Dispersion, Correlation Regression, Time Series, Probability etc.

  1. Elements of financial management

Environment of business finance, ratio analysis, fund flow analysis, cash flow analysis, economic value added, Capital Functionary – Cost of capital, operating and financial leverage, capital structure theories, dividend distribution theories, Capital Budgeting Techniques – Capital expenditure, investment decisions, Financial Markets – money market, capital market, international capital market, Working capital management – cash, inventory, account receivable management and factoring

  1. Management information system

Fundamental of Information System, Information System for Strategic Advantage, System Approach, System Development Tools,Hardware, Software, Telecommunication, DBMS, Transaction Process System, Information Reporting System, Decision Support System, Executive Information System, Artificial Intelligence, Expert System, Information System in function area, Information Resource Management, Planning and Implementation of Information System, etc


General level                                                                                                         40 Credits

  1. Financial and Securities Law                                                            8 Credit

Contract Act, Sales of Goods Act, Negotiable Act, Payment of Bonus Act, Industrial Dispute Act, Industrial Employment (Standing Order) Act, Banking Law, NBFC Law, Companies Act, Security and Exchange Commission, etc.

  1. Financial Economics                                                                        8 Credit

Introduction to Financial Economics, RBI functions, Commercial Banks, IDBI, IFCI, ICICI, Universal Banking, Financing and Trading activities,  etc.

3.         Global Marketing Economics & Trade                                    8 Credit
Nature and scope of marketing, concept of marketing mix, Consumer Behavior, market segmentation, implementation, organization, control, New product development life cycle, Product positioning, Branding, Packaging, Advertising, International Market Agency and Policies, WTO, etc.

  1. International business finance

International finance a business perspective, global financial environment, Understanding financial risk, The foreign exchange market, Introduction to currency futures and option, management of currency exposure, Swaps, Working Capital management, International long run financing and institutions, Foreign Direct Investment and International capital budgeting, The emerging markets and financial developments, International portfolio investment, etc

  1. Export & Import Management                                                           8 Credits

Introduction to Export & Import Trades, L/C, Exim Bank, WTO, Export Documentation, Export Planning, Special Economic Zones, EOU,  etc.


Certified level                                                                                                        40 Credits

  1. Corporate Restructuring                                                       8 Credits

Concept of Corporate Restructuring, Understanding financial statement and its analysis, Capital structure, Derivatives – options, futures and corporate finance, Warrants and convertibles, Derivatives and hedging risk, Mergers and acquisitions, Leverage buy outs and Management buy outs, Efficient Market theory, Arbitrage and Price Theory, Portfolio performance evaluation, analysis, etc.

  1. Corporate Financial Services

Introduction to Financial Services, Asset / Fund based Financial Services – theoretical and regulatory framework, Accounting / Reporting framework and Taxation of learning, Financial Evaluation of learning, Hire Purchase and Commercial credit, Factoring, Forfeiting, Bill Discounting, Housing Finance, Insurance Services – Life and Non-life, Venture Capital Financing, NBFCs', Merchant Banking and other Fee based/Advisory Financial Services i.e. issue management, mergers, amalgamations, takeover etc. equity research, stock broking, Credit Rating, etc.


Taxation Management and Planning

Exploring the tax environment – types of taxes and the jurisdiction, tax policy, Fundamentals of tax planning, The measurement of taxable income, Tax planning in setting up of a new business, non-residential managerial decision etc., International Taxation

  1. Merger and acquisition analysis

Brief Outline about merges, acquisitions, takeovers, tender offer, Change forces and merges, anti-trust policies, Deal structure, Merges and takeovers – theory and practices, Alternative paths to growth, valuation, Corporate Restructuring, Takeover Defenses, LBOs and MBOs, Financial Restructuring, Corporate Governance and Performance,Case Studies


  1. Project Management and Financial Institutions                       8 Credit

Introduction to Project Management, Preparation of Project Reports, RBI functions, Commercial Banks, IDBI, IFCI, ICICI etc.


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