Anger never lets you win...
24 Sep 2017
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Category: CAT/IIM

As a little kid growing up on a sheep farm near Christchurch, New Zealand, Martin was a bright, hardworking boy, prone to losing his temper and getting angry. He would end up saying harsh words to his friends and family without often realising the impact of his angry outbursts.
Intent on mending his son’s ways, Martin’s dad decided on a plan. He gave his son a sack of n...

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Crack the Management Apti...
24 Sep 2017
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Category: Management

Centre for Management Services (CMS) is the specialised division of AIMA undertaking testing and other management services. The testing services have been in operation since 1988 facilitating academia, industry and governments to screen and select candidates for higher studies, recruitment, promotion, etc. Over hundreds of AICTE approved Institutions & Un...

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