Vocabulary Development

Language comprises essentially of three aspects:

  • Thought
  • Words
  • Grammar

The one thing common to all languages is the expressed thought. There has traditionally been a debate over thought's precedence over language. What is absolutely certain is that the two complement each other. Following the example of the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, let us say that language depends upon rules even as it makes them.

The backbone of any language is its vocabulary; the words and idioms, the local expressions that it employs and comprises of. Since the class comprises mainly of students seeking English language training, it serves its purpose well by remembering that English evolved as a standard language by 1066. It was in that year that the first legal judgment was delivered in the English language. Before that in England, the class languages were Latin and French. (Elaborate)

The economics of the language; the market dynamics. (Elaborate)

English in India (Elaborate).

Basic syntax and structure (Elaborate).

Vocabulary in relation to the above (Elaborate).

Exercise on Prepositions and preposition phrases

  1. The boy______ the cycle stayed _____ the path_______ the caravan of the minister expected to cross the path anytime.
  2. The man _______ the long hair stood ______ from the crowd.
  3. Families ______ less integration often fall ________ and break ____.
  4. Microsoft turned ______ the offer and saw ______ the dubious deal.
  5. The father asked _____ his son and told him to run _______ his course for the exam to follow.
  6. The greatness ____ man lies ____ his capacity to shape_____ things that have not been thought _______.
  7. The religious text of Ramayan calls ____ an end to the evil ___ us and looks ___ formation of ideal society.
  8. The chairman called _____ the names of erring employees to run them ________ for their wrong attitude.
  9. I ran ____ my cousin at Sahara Ganj.
  10. _____ looking at the picture she could make _____ many faults _____ it.
  11. The agenda for the meeting has been _____ the table for sometime.
  12. Walter fell sick and tried _____ medicines ___ vain. His sickness did not wear ________.
  13. If you touch the stone inscriptions every now and then, the message would wear ________.
  14. Keats penned _____ the ode __ the Nightingale to bring _____ his pain.


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