The Professional Awareness of the Modern Youth

The ambience of the modern Indian society has assumed a sea change since a couple of decades. The dynamic strides of the material 'Colossus' have incredibly been expansive to upsurge its entity in diversified dimensions and to enhance the space of efficacy in radical parameters. Eventually through the corridors of Time, the exigency of the gradually emerging career-oriented society has contrived the modern youth to be professionally conscious.
The young peer-group perceives varieties of venues for jobs but the youth generally confront with various problems. The crises both overt and covert often impede them to endeavour for career-building missions. The hurdles they encounter, may be overcome if the youth manoevour their resources in proper directions and muster up courage with firm resolutions.
The problems focused hereby, may highlight also some practical ideas and aspects, which may lead to strengthen the chord of their professional awareness.

  1. A novice young man, experiences vocational indecisiveness, oscillating with the dilemmas, may gasp to opt for the right choice of jobs. It seems to be his primary crisis. This chaotic confusion can be solved, if he goes through the self - introspection. In other words, he should analyze his self by probing into his inner mental life, to search his aptitudes, interests, and attitudes, within the periphery of his own governing mind. This psychic process may enable him to realize his abilities and propensities to assign for the particular profession, suitable to him. As a matter of fact he is the best person to judge his capacity.
  2. The confidence to proceed for the particular job to attain becomes further, subjective to his anticipation, to cope up with the job-situations. The diffidence may however, impede him to venture for the goal. But this problem can also be ruled out, if he is psychologically equipped with the positive attitude towards his goal. " Where there is a will there is a way"…this saga must be his motto in his life to foster his spirit to pursue for the job.
  3. The psychological complexities may however lead him to under-estimate his resources. It may often augment his frustrations to negate all his hopes by his despair, generating feelings of inferiority. To exemplify, 'Hindi' as the medium of education throughout his academic career, may generally make him to succumb to his growth of incompetence. This feeling of inability to speak English fluently, to lack the spontaneity of enchanting the interviewers by his ready wit and by the power to enunciate his points of discourse in the Group Discussion, may create a complex within his subconscious self. This complex grills him and may repress all his aspirations. This inferiority complex is rather detrimental to his mental health. In no other way it is conducive to his personality make-up. He may realize today's indispensability of the application of verbal and communicational skill to acquire, in the language of English, which is a pre-requisite in all the fields of professions. To overcome this hurdle, he can, in any of his convenient schedules, join institutes like C.I.E.F.L (Central Institute Of English As A Foreign Language) or British School Of English Language etc. for learning the relevant course. Institutes like "American Centre For Languages" can also help him a lot.
  4. . The lack of opportunities or financial inadequacy for obtaining the desired educational qualifications, especially for those emigrating from the rural native towns, may refrain them from finding suitable jobs. Their dejection in some cases may yield to extreme frustrations, making them social victims of emotional trauma. However, if they are made aware of various technical institutions, as often the governmental institutes impart trainings with subsidized fees, they can avail of this opportunity. And social guidance and counseling bureaus too can motivate and be their torch-beares in their ways to foster hopes. Consequently they may accommodate themselves in some relevant vocational jobs, by reviving confidence. The trainings, concerning Carpentry, Typing, Tailoring, Plumber -trade, Food-processing, Horticulture, Farming and those of Mechanics and Electricians, may enable them to find jobs. Recently the trainings for Business-Entrepreneurship, which needs much less capital to invest, have become attractive, opening vistas to many of them in any private or governmental sectors. In that case even the government can co-operate with them by rendering loans to them.
  5. The general bulk of the present youth has grown sensitive to the professional infrastructure and lucrative jobs. Today the alertness of keen competition to avail of and to supercede others has been an active occupation among the young persons, especially in the fields of Information Technology. The professional courses of Computer Hardware and Software Literacy have profuse scope in various sectors. The youth has already been aware of the multi ferrous professional avenues and intends to pursue various computer courses. The recent Tracking Satellite Network devices and the Remote Sensing devices and applications (GPS and GIS), in the fields of Railways and other transport areas, to check the collisions and accidents, are uprising to peaks to open the opportunities in relevant fields ; not less are the concerned national institutes welcoming the trainee professionals to impart the knowledge in IIRS, ISRO, NRSA, GSI, NIC etc. Computer designs, photo paint, digital medias and the like, as well as the Business Management, Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Mass Communication, Journalism, and Accountancy are promising in accessing to suitable jobs. With their instinctive inclinations and developing skills the youth can succeed in their careers.
  6. . Generally it may be observed that the major portion of the youth Irrespective of sex, inclines to be absorbed in the courses of Information Technology and in Business-Management studies, lesser in Engineering, mostly in electronics and computer streams, much less for the lengthy medical career, often specializing Surgery and Bio-Engineering, while few opt for Teaching and Research. Many young persons are keen for those vocational courses, which presently flourish in industry-oriented jobs, concerning Interior Decoration, Design and Clothing Technology, Textiles, Merchandising, Accessory and Leather-Garment Technology along with Hotel Management. Especially the females have shown interests to go for crash courses in Air-Ticketing and those of Beautician and Herbal. However, it is interesting to note that a large mass of the youth, specially, those coming from the rural areas, along with some urban youth forge their golden dreams with a craze to enjoy the power of bureaucracy, do not mind to persevere patiently and pursue for the careers of Civil Services, even at the cost of often being puppets in the ministry system. However very few finding no other options, go for training-oriented and secretarial jobs.
  7. Many young people prefer to choose the governmental services rather to be more secured in jobs than in private jobs or enterprises. But they may not realize the general fact that in that case they may grow sloth without the spirit of motivation for being more creative and innovative unlike those in the private jobs. Especially in the private Multi-national companies, the professionals enjoy hikes of promotions, salaries with facilities, as they are concerned with these incentives. It has been marked that in some cases, the youth in the governmental jobs, however, often tend to grow lethargic and precarious to involve themselves with the politicians.
  8. Youth enroll themselves in the Coaching Institutes, which tend to generate in mushroom-growth and are generally the depots of commercial avarice, to mint money days and nights. In that case they should foresee to choose the best, dedicated institutes through which they can obtain the most fruitful dividends.
  9. Often parents induce and impose the choice of careers upon their children, according to their fanciful whims and wishes with compulsion. It s a grave fault of the over-protected parents, who do not care and realize their desires and interests to neglect their ambitions. The parents do vile injustice to their children. Let the children grow by their own motives to shape themselves as matured adults. This self-growth is as essential as their imbibing and inculcating of their potentialities within their selves, so that they can vitalize their latent confidence within and mould with their adjustments with the environmental interactions in life-situations. Their personality growth will then be in parity with the elasticity of their perceptions, which is a fundamental factor to help them sharpen motor skills and fertilize brains for creativity. The youth should choose their careers with their liberty, propelled by their interests, with whatever talent and acumen they have cultivated. Else, gradually they may develop secret resentment in their repressed minds to become psychological victims of depression. Some of their parents, unaware of this fact, may paralyze their motives and make them passive, often fusing their careers to utter futility. The awareness of the professions may be strengthened in the minds of the modern youth if they are brought to limelight, to exposures. Then their diffidence would give way to igniting passions to foster aspirations. 'Heredity' and 'environment' play significant roles to shape their personality. These protagonists should be cautious to adhere to the right tracks of moral and social values. Unfortunately some growing adolescents and adults chance to deviate from the right tracks and astray to waste their energetic youth.
  10. The youth may fertilize their propensities and prudence in their sensitive minds, by means of socializing sensibly and exchanging meaningful views in their peer-groups. Keeping in mind these verdicts, they may naturally have their access to lucrative avenues with flying colours. They may actualize that economically; the world is 'with unlimited wants and limited resources'. In the present scenario of the Indian society, the youth needs more motivation and counsels with all their resources and talents; they would ensure the professional world of their proven capacities by which they are to materialize their dreams. Although many people say: "getting a job today, is not having a cup of tea", - but this notion smells of delusion and illusion, conceived of negative attitude towards life. It is based on merely a fanciful conjecture. The youth achieves to be a successful professional in whatever job he works for, if he is really diligent and determined. His consistent efforts and sincerity will furnish the universal truth of justice. He is to delineate his own predicament. Attaining his goal will then be not an enigma but a defined evidence of his life's chapter.

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