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Any language skills can be improved by several means. First, speak as much as you can - find someone to practice with, and speak only English with them. Also, read as much as you can - find English books and newspapers, and use a dictionary when you find a word you do not understand. Television and radio are also useful - find an English channel and start paying attention. The internet can help you practice your language skills as well, and you can find "pen pals" in chat rooms and message boards.

The best way is to first practice SPEAKING English, and read a lot of story books. If there are some words you don’t understand, a dictionary, big or small, is a great friend! Sometimes, the internet is useful for that, too!

In my experience there are a lot of web tools to help you learn English. English Central, Live Mocha are just some of the best. Classes...too expensive, if you want to get free (or very cheap education), the internet is a wonderful place for learning this language.

The best way to hone your skill in any language is to use it.

The French have a proverb that says the best way to learn French is to have a French girlfriend (or boyfriend).

Other good ways are to read newspapers in the target language, to follow cartoons (either on paper or on the TV), to visit the country and chat with people, and to try out some of the famous poems or jokes in the language you are learning.

(Poems and jokes are a good way to learn a language because they are short and full of meaning). Go to evening classes with a sympathetic teacher.

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