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A Resume is a passport for the interview. A good resume is a canvas where you a draw straight line of career ascension. In war of hiring, a genuine contender will leave no stone unturned to show the best resume. Campus Placement is the easiest way to grab job because applicants are limited to your batch only and you all know each others' pros and cons. But getting offer off the campus is really going through fiery furnace. You should design your resume in such a way that at the first look recruiter must say, call this candidate for interview and your job is half done.

Bust the misnomer that Fresher's do not have much to write in their resume rather as a fresher they have lot of things to write and show that he/she is the best candidate because of the professional attributes by which has been groomed for.

As a fresher ponder on these points before crafting your first resume:

Be discerning because you career objective is the window to your Resume. Recruiter will read the whole resume only if he finds first few lines interesting. Write one or two sentences which are having the keywords Recruiter is searching in the resume for the position. For example MBA- Finance from premier B-school of India with a Mechanical Engineering background. Varied skill set including deep knowledge of Market Research, Corporate Finance, Macro-economic analysis and SAP.

Show your Methodical approach here by describing topic, Place & Duration, Team involved, Project details, Assistance from the Management, outcome and at last about Learnigs.

You should mention your favorite subjects taught in the course but mind two things you should have good command on these areas and second these chosen subjects should have strong relevance with the vacancy you have applied for then only it becomes meaningful to mention.

Detailing of subjects in you resume depicts your confidence in the subjects and these minor things have major effects to place you as cut above candidate.

Achievements could be Academic or Professional but the extract of it to show your caliber. While detailing Academic details please do not mention your grades or percentage semester wise this just a space eater. Leadership and Communication skills are always in great demand. If you have won accolades in elocutions, speeches or in group discussion put forth it.

Many a time's applicants just write name of university and not disclosing the name of Professional Institution or some times in abbreviation only, It is highly annoying for the Recruiter. On the other hand just providing name of the college or institution is more than enough do not give irrelevant information's.
For example:

Inscribing Logo of your Institute gives a positive impression that you are very proud of it and will always keep the name high.

Days of basic computer literacy are gone in this era of specialization. Before applying for the said position check the specific IT skills asked for.

Even smallest stint of job experiences before a Professional study changes your image as a genuine incumbent, therefore do not hesitate to mention.

It's an advantageous point to show your professional Fraternity. It means strong network you follow.

Referring about Conferences, Symposiums, forum, Conventions or workshops reflects that you are an outgoing person; you must have thorough knowledge about the topic or theme of above meet and top of it interactions with the Industry Honchos matters a lot. These aspects give very positive image to the interview. And if you have organized any event or seminar in campus or in college tell it in your Achievements section because it shows your Leadership skills and Team Management qualities.

Mention the names of Industries which you have visited during your course curriculum, Have a preliminary knowledge about there business, turnover etc. More than that in relation to your purpose of visit try to know about there work style. Sometime mentioning Name of industry visited give leverage to your candidature too.

Naturally resume reading initiates with the first page but unless it is relevant Resume screener will not turn to next page. Therefore give utmost weight age to the first page. You may follow the simple formula, Introduction then Academics then Achievements in first page then Internship or summer projects and other information's in second page.

Always categorize it e.g. Enhanced leadership skills while delegating the responsibility as captain of cricket team, in school as well as in college. Strengthened creative skills by participating in various college level competitions like. Honed communication skills by participating in Debate & Declamation contests.

Nowadays single page resume is much in fashion for freshers; you may stick to it provided you have very substantial to say about your academic brilliance and accomplishment. Otherwise skillfully designed two page resume will suffice the purpose.

Be discreet always. No body has time to read lengthy paragraphs of covering letter; you have got ample space in your resume to tell about yourself. Just in three four lines mention position applied for, area of specialization from which institute, if experienced, years of experience with name of current organization in bold letters.

After the opening of World Markets and Regional & Rural Markets the importance of being linguistic has become manifold. You are expected to know beside English & Hindi language, elementary knowledge of Regional language and a foreign language of you choice.

Avoid writing hobbies like making friends, watching movies, Reading books etc. These sounds very casual. Think for a while, Hobbies are activities which you pursue only in your spare time and it gives you relaxation. Every person strives for some passion. Employer wants to know after office hours and daily chores how you rewind. Hence be specific and mention only one or two interests which you follow since long time.

Never mix it with your hobbies both are different things. Define in this section about your Sports activities, Organizational skills, Team Representations, Position Held & participation in various events.

In majority of Resumes either in place of writing Career Objective or in the end of Covering letter applicants do write some choicest quotations which may show there philosophical bent of mind but sorry there is no place of it in your resume rather it may backfire as an impressing tool for HR Manager.

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