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The purpose of reading your resume by a recruiter is always to shortlist it but as you draft a resume with an expectation of getting an interview call likewise, even recruiters have certain benchmark of expectations which are to be fulfilled by you.

When recruiters check your resume, they always expect the points that benefit the company in every way. They are never with a mindset of accepting things that are unhelpful. Hence if you fall short to match their expectations the recruiter would lose interest in reading through your resume any further.

After writing resume always contemplate on following points and live up to the expectation of a recruiter:

  • RESUME OBJECTIVE: Instead of writing lengthy and fancy words simply mention in one sentence describing that what type of job profile you hope to obtain. If objective of both the Recruiter and Candidate match at this point then only further reading of resume makes sense.
  • QUANTIFIABLE MEASURES: For Corroboration of achievements quantified presentation is important but not all accomplishments can be quantified hence comparative analysis can always authenticate it.
  • DOCUMENT FOR RECRUITER: If an applicant can show that they have helped their employers in increasing revenue, reducing cost or risk, they're speaking to the company's needs, not their own and, that gets instant attention.
  • SKILL-SET: From the notes, choose which skills are transferable (skills that are similar) to the job you are applying for - these are the most sought after points for your resume selection.
  • FOCUS: A Resume has to be focused. In this competitive market, candidates really need to tweak their resume for each job that they apply to and create a focus that is specific to that job that makes you a genuine applicant.
  • PERSONAL DOSSIER:A resume consists of 90% professional and merely 10% personal content. Hence too much sharing of personal detail is undesirable. Your public profile in social networking sites will serve the purpose.
  • ACHIEVMENTS: Be it fresher's resume or experienced one a resume should have oodles of achievements mentioned. Therefore do not just write job descriptions support it with your contributions.
  • IMPACT: Through resume you are conveying your message in written communication form hence write it full of enthusiasm and avoid passive voice. Since it is the most powerful motivational tool in a job seeker's arsenal… but unfortunately most rush through the process or treat it too casually and casualness leads to casualty.
  • NATURAL STRENGTHS: You have mentioned about your Brilliant academic credentials, achievements but what about your Leadership skills, Team building capacity, Organizing skills, Initiative, participation etc. These qualities are so important that some time they overpass your other qualifications. Natural strengths can be gauged since the formative years of the candidate and are also important for cultural fitment in the organization.
  • BEHIND THE CURTAIN: Recruiter wants to see a dynamic candidate, good formatting and lay out can help to demonstrate a little about the person behind the document. It makes your resume more appealing and inviting.

About the author:
Devdat Kr . MBA from XISS. Corporate stints were in Daewoo Motors, Global Information Technology managing the entire gamut of HR.On the HR Consulting front associated with Omam Consultants, Strategic Management Consults and ABSCISSA .Steering the drive at my own pace gratifies me to the hilt by assisting in highlighting caliber of Professionals in their Curriculum vitae as a Professional Resume Writer.

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