Dynamics of Resume Rejection


"While writing resume be brutally honest with yourself."

In a sea of well qualified candidates, unending waiting for interview call or rejection in interview could be very disastrous. Our dreams get shattered. We feel vanquished. Crushed. Beaten. Defeated. But people with exceptional opportunity radar recognize that opportunities don't always come gift-wrapped more than not, they come wrapped in a problem or an idea that everyone else has simply missed.

Surely you've done your best to keep resume errors at bay but chances of rejections are there in offing.

It's not always that you are at fault for the debacle. Rejection has flipside too which is often overlooked. Like interview, first impressions are important for your Resume too and that might be a decisive factor.

Resumes are read or even scanned quickly. The primary goal of the reader is to eliminate as many as possible to arrive at a chosen few candidates to be considered for an interview.

The first commandment of a successful resume is that it must be readily scanable in 50 seconds or less. If something pops off the page to grab the reader's attention, then your resume may survive the first test. Second is that your resume must have a headline. It's a lot like reading a newspaper. You're attracted to an article if there's a caption that grabs your attention. The same is true of a resume. Your headline is an attention-grabbing statement that states very directly what you have to offer to the reader. And third one is reader would be interested in learning only two things: what can you do for my bottom line? . . . And what can you do to make my job easier?

Barring vital statistics e.g. age, years of exp, qualification etc. your job knowledge (summer internships in case of fresher) and achievements are the most crucial factors to decide you fate.

Read your CV with a negative eye. The interviewer is paid to worry. It will not only help you to detect some follies but prepares you to answers for inter view queries. Pay heed to career gaps and illogical career moves if any.

Every time while applying introspect, what you're applying for? Why you're suitable? Why this employer attracts you?

Remember, a resume doesn't get you a job. Only decisions by hiring managers can get you a job. Therefore, the best a resume can do for you is getting a hiring manager's attention. And that's how it has to be written.

Rejection of resume could be at initial stage or at the final round for even best suited résumé because even after giving interview reminiscence of yours is only your resume. Rejection could be due to visible reasons or some time unexplainable reasons. Unlike in west where committee is set up to brainstorm the reason for rejected profiles (CXO level).

Off course Resume is a tool for advertisement in job market but that doesn't mean that you'd spray it liberally. Recruiters always attracted towards fresh profiles, not the ones which are coming repeatedly.

Resume cries desperately for makeover after certain period through addition of latest accomplishments & job enrichment. Thus, tailoring your resume to a specific role can be extremely important.Consultants who work in perfect tandem with the client too face rejection of Cvs sent by them may be due to last minute change in JD.Sometime in final round of interview few good resumes are considered just to give support to the most selectable one and the candidate remains absolutely clueless about reason of rejection.When the rejection is unpredictable then it shouldn't be cause of dejection. This situation may decrease your self-esteem and you'll suddenly feel like you're not good enough for the job. Stay positive and don't let yourself go down that road to self-flagellation. Rather head ahead & scout what better is stored in for you.

Recruiters too lament the number of perfectly good resumes spoilt by basic grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.After all dos and don'ts just request your few close confidants read your CV and listen there first reaction because they could be your best critic

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