Education for Poor Children in India

Late Sri Keshav Ram Mishra Memorial Scholarship


India is beset by serious problems with reference to its education system even after so many years of independence. Numerous research studies and surveys have evidently substantiated these problems that include the rapidly growing size of population, poor teacher training, shortage of teachers, books and basic facilities, and absolutely inadequate disbursement of public funds to cover the cost of providing education are some of the toughest challenges faced by the nation nowadays. The current situation of primary education in India is highly alarming and immediate attention and action is required in this regard. According to a study, more than 30% of educational funds are allocated towards higher education, leaving the primary education in India in sway. The scenario is seemingly pathetic for a country where children constitute over one-third of the total population, which means India is home to 400 million children. To be more precise, let’s refer to the report of Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation- MoSPI, 2012, which states that India is a home to every sixth child in the world.

India is fourth among the top 10 nations with the highest numbers of out-of children in primary level. The estimates from Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2012 suggest that of all rural children enrolled in standard five, only half can fluently read text from a standard two textbook. Furthermore, the rate of school drop-outs amongst students is very high. One of the main reasons behind this is poverty. When earning a livelihood and taking care of the members of the family becomes a primary matter of concern in one’s life, education stands a little or, very often, no chance of pursuance. Children of poor families are forced to work and hence miss out the learning opportunities while they toil hard to earn their daily bread. For the underprivileged people in India, education is perceived as a high-priced luxury, and this negative outlook continues on with every new generation; because for the underprivileged section of the society, every additional member in the family means two extra earning hands. The statistics obtained from National Census 2011 are a true eye opener that establishes firmly that India has 10.12 million child labourers aged between 5 to 14 years. There is no doubt that if the current trend continues, millions of deprived children will probably never set foot in a classroom. Since India’s growth relies heavily on a well-educated workforce, a dilapidated foundation in primary education can capsize the lives of millions of its citizens. In order to build India as a consumer market of global standards, it is incredibly imperative that each and every child reaps the benefits of quality education.



Career Funda envisions higher learning levels for all students through an outcome-oriented system that sets measurable learning goals that can directly enhance the learning outcomes of children. We firmly believe that maximal impact can be achieved through government initiatives that should be well supported by Career Funda and the like organizations. For the purpose, we strategically look forward to remove the financial barrier from the path of deprived children in receiving and completing their primary education; by providing the scholarships and financial support to the children from the underprivileged section of the society.

Career Funda hopes to directly reach a greater number of children, and continue campaigning for individual and institutional change across the nation to ensure quality education for all. The next decade definitely is going to be very critical for India and the available resources will certainly have to be used sensibly and astutely. If we succeed in strengthening our primary education system and ensuring adequate literacy for our children, India and its children will definitely come up in flying colours. We believe that even our seemingly small efforts have the potential to make a huge difference for the betterment of the nation.


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