Mass Comunication

Communication is one of the most popular gateways to jobs in business and industry.

Mass communication is a vast field covering many areas under it advertisement, communication and public relations. The mass media is a comprehensive term in itself refers to all sorts of medium used to propagate the information or the news to the audience such as television, newspapers, cinema films, magazines, radio, etc. Some institutes offer degree level course for which the candidates must be 10+2 in any stream and some others require graduation in any stream.

The study of mass communication encapsulates the numerous means of mass communication that have developed and are still developing. It is through these different means that information is relayed to public. The study of these tools or means is what the study of mass communication is. Since these tools are diverse, the course covers a vast range of medium of mass communication. The concept behind mass communication is that a single message is communicated to large proportions of the population.

Journalism is concerned with collection and dissemination of news through the print media as well as the electronic media. This involves various areas of works like reporting, writing, editing, photographing, broadcasting or cable casting news items.

Journalism is classified into two on the basis of media- (i) Print Journalism and (ii) Electronic (Audio/Visual) Journalism. Print Journalism includes newspapers, magazines and journals. In print journalism one can work as editors, reporters, columnists, correspondents etc. Electronic journalism includes working for Radio, Television and the Web. In the web, skilled people are required to maintain sites by web newspapers (which cater only to the web and do not have print editions) and popular newspapers and magazines who have their own web editions. In electronic journalism one can be a reporter, writer, editor, researcher, correspondent and anchor.

Career in journalism is a prestigious profession as well as a highly paid one. Journalist play a major role in the development of nation. It is through them that we get information about daily happenings in the society. The purpose of journalism itself is to inform and interpret, educate and enlighten the people.

A career in mass communications will most likely involve a chaotic and stressful work environment, with looming deadlines and long hours; This is not a good career choice for a shy church mouse. Progress on the career ladder can also be a challenge, since this is an extremely competitive field. Be prepared to start working in local news media outlets and work your way up to the national and international arenas.

And because print media, in particular, has taken a big hit in recent years, with mergers, decreased circulation and closures being announced almost on a daily basis, a career in the newspaper field has a rather bleak future outlook. On the other hand, new forms of media that involve the Internet--blogs, e-newsletters and website marketing--are constantly expanding, so be careful in choosing the right sub-specialization withing the mass communications field to assure a lifelong and prosperous career

Writing is a passion, which also can become a job. Keep writing based on your interests. A good percentage of marks always helps. You can chose your college based on where you live, most universities have colleges that offer the graduate programme in Mas Communications. Keep the writing on.With a mass communication dip/degree, you have the broad field of media open for you - television, films, radio, newspapers, advertising, etc - depending on your field of specialization.

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