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India would require approximately 7,500-8,000 pilots and an equal number or more air cabin crew by 2011. Heavy pay packets are awaiting pilots with a commercial pilot license (CPL). Even an amateur pilot can start his career with a salary of Rs 2.5-3 lakh a month with a commercial airline. With the sudden increase in the number of airlines, pilots are in great demand.

The Indian aviation industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, with key drivers being positive economic factors, including high GDP growth, good industrial performance, and corporate profitability and expansion. Other factors include higher disposable incomes, growth in consumer spending, and availability of low fares.

Aviation refers to all activities involving the operation of aircrafts. Aviation courses in India deal with Flying Operation (jobs performed by Pilots), Aircrew (such as Air Hostesses), Aircraft, Air Traffic Management, Technical aspects of Flight, Aviation Safety, Regulatory Policies and economics of airport. Civil Aviation courses (as opposed to the Indian Air Force, that is, the air wing of the Indian armed forces) are necessary for those wishing to work in government or regulatory bodies of aviation or those planning to work as aviation consultants. All aviation courses in India are supposed to comply with the rules laid down by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Careers in the aviation industry are much sought after as they are very well paid. Not too many people go in for careers in aviation as the courses are very expensive. However with student loans and high pay packages once one finishes the course and gets a job, which is a lesser problem nowadays.

The nature of work is different for different types of workers in the aviation industry. Whereas being a pilot or an air hostess is most advertised, there are other equally lucrative options in the aviation industry. The aviation courses focus on some aspects of the work like airline customer support, flight attending rules, the nuances of the air transport industry, cargo marketing and management, transportation of perishable cargo, ticket reservation, regulation of traffic, customer relationship, cargo reservations, attendance of flight, flight and ground instruction, cockpit resource management, federal regulation and the federal laws on aviation, aerodynamics and the basic concepts of flying, advanced navigation procedures, multi engine flight instruction, crew synchronization, aviation safety, aviation administration and meteorology.

The nature of the work, entails in several posts like those of pilot, air hospitality attendants like air hostesses and flight stewards, cabin crew, travelling all over the world. If you are interested in a career in Aviation sector, then look out for job opportunities suiting your interests and qualifications.

Opportunities as Pilots: Candidates with training in flying may join any of the reputed airline companies in India or abroad as pilots.

Opportunities as an Aeronautical Engineers: Candidates with degrees in aeronautical engineering have excellent career opportunities in the aviation industry. Several aircraft manufacturers hire aeronautical engineers for entry level openings as well as senior positions.

Opportunities as an Air Hostess: This profession attracts smart and young women who love to do a lot of traveling and believe in hard work. Several companies offer lucrative pay packages and other facilities for the pleasure of their employees in this field of work.

Opportunities as an Airline Ticketing: Candidates with the requisite qualification may join any of the airline companies. The job includes reservation and booking of flight tickets for the customers. You will also have to help them in planning their route.

Opportunities in Customer Service: There is a great demand for young and hardworking people in this field. Customer satisfaction is the main priority for all the airlines today. Customer service executives are entrusted with the duty of looking after various problems and requirements of the clients.

Apart from these, one can also look out for job opportunities in administration, traffic regulation, cargo management, ground operations, aircraft maintenance and other areas related to this field.

The following companies in India offer various in the aviation sector:

  • Indian Airlines
  • Sahara India
  • Kingfisher Airlines
  • Deccan Airlines,
  • Indian International Airways Ltd
  • Haytrans I Pvt Ltd,
  • Flywell Aviation Pvt Ltd,
  • Varman Aviation Pvt Ltd
  • Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Limited and Sam Air Pvt Ltd
  • Multi Track Air Charters
  • SRC Aviation, Panda Logistics Ltd
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Bird Group
  • Trans Asian Aviation,

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