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Greetings from CAREERFUNDA.IN....

Get Ready for Tomorrow Today!! this can be best symbolized by the concept of, a education & career portal, that is specially made invented for those who are really career­ conscious students, job hunters and professionally, job seekers, in order to shine their future by achieving the career markers of prosperity and infinite reality.

No one can deny, that there is no doubt that we are facing and finding the new and unknown challenges in our every day practical life, but only few of them are being provided with the proper solutions. This kind of tactics of managing and manipulating could have been found if the person’s knowledge would be for up to the time.

By having a great observations of all these perspectives Prof. Vivek Mishra, the Founder and Mentor of CAREERFUNDA.IN (who is also a well known figure in the fields of Management and Technology’s Institutions) he since been involved in a variety of Educational Assignments, National Level Conferences, Meetings concerning wide spectrum of professional experience in India and Online interaction with Abroad.

These additionally include management, supervision and conduct of training in the special and competitive sphere of marketing of top­ global­ brands academic products in India. This education & career­ focused portal is led by a Board of highly specialized Academic­ professionals comprising Founder & Mentor, Director, Career­ forecaster as well as the industry experts, those who have wide experience of their respective Academic Records & Achievements of India and Abroad.

To keep on Curriculum Methodology abreast of the time, we also have well established (CRDD) Content Research & Development Department. The objective is to continuously with and get Feedback form different Departments, Faculties and the Industries to ensure our Current Quality of Resources.

Thanks & best wishes to all.


Prof. Vivek Mishra


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